Introduction to Internships

This toolkit provides employers with a comprehensive guide to hosting meaningful and productive internships and instructions for using LaunchPath to find the best intern for your organization. You will find many links throughout the text, some to complimentary areas within the site and some to external sites. You will also find some content in multiple areas - we did this so different approaches to finding information are accommodated. Remember, we are always eager to get your feedback.

Getting Started Checklist

We are asking employers to host an internship and utilize the LaunchPath platform to find and evaluate their student intern. The Internship ROI section describes some of the benefits of hosting an internship.

Are you ready to host an intern? Here are some questions to consider before hosting:

  • Are we able to host an intern in a professional setting while providing training and supervision?
  • Are we able to provide projects for the intern that are career related and teach 21st century workplace skills ("soft" skills)?
  • Are we able to provide the intern with compensation? (Not a requirement of LaunchPath, but highly recommended).
  • Is the worksite supervisor able to collaborate with the intern on creating a learning plan that aligns with the students’ interests, learning objectives, and the organization’s goals?
  • Is the worksite supervisor able to offer feedback to the intern regularly and complete the final internship assessment at the end of the internship?
  • Can we cover the time and resource commitment of hosting an internship?


Here is an estimate of time required in hours: 

  • Articulating Internship Work: 1.5 
  • Learning LaunchPath: 0.5 
  • Inputting data to LaunchPath: 0.5 
  • Hiring the Intern: 6.0 
  • Supervising the Intern: 60.0 to 120.0 
  • Evaluating the Intern: 0.5 
  • Providing LaunchPath feedback 0.5 
  • Total hours: 69.0 to 129.0 

Financial cost 

Although it is not required, we highly recommend that interns receive compensation for internships offered on LaunchPath. The level of pay is determined by your organization. If you host a 120 hour internship at $9/hr plus payroll taxes, the approximate cost to your organization is $1210. Learn how LaunchPath can reduce your hiring time and take care of the payrolling and liability through our paid internship service.

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